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WELCOME... we're SO GLAD decided to STOP by and CHECK US out!

At DISCOVERY we exist to help people come to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God with all their HEART, SOUL, MIND, and STRENGTH!

Which is "WHY" we are EXCITED that you stopped by to check out our community website!

We are excited that you have stopped by to check out our community website. On this community website you will find out what is going on in your community of faith @ DC!

Discovery Church of Ridge Meadows is a church community where you will find people just like yourself who desire to live out a REAL FAITH that impacts every area of their lives! It's a place where you can come as you are, no need to dress up unless you want to! And no need to have your life all together - the TRUTH is perfect people only wind up messing up the church!

SO, as you make your way through the website please remember that this is a constantly evolving place, so you will want to check back often, and remain patient with us as we are in the process of working to make this a valuable tool in your faith journey!

Having said that, one of the first stops to make as you browse is our "The Latest Scoop" page for the most recent news on our community and the journey we are on together!

Also, when you have time you might want to check out our "Sermons and Messages" page where you will get the latest messages from Pastor Trevor in MP3 format. Just click on the link underneath the description and off you go! Add it to your favourite play list and listen whenever it is convenient for you! 

This week Cary Chernoff will be our guest speaker while Pastor Trevor is on his last week of his sabbatical.

Be sure to join us this week for this week's sermon: 'I know, I know' as Cary helps us engage with scriptures from Proverbs and 1st Corinthians.

On Sunday December 3 Pastor Trevor will be returning from his 3 month sabbatical to begin our CHRISTMAS series entitled... "FRESH EYES!"

Sometimes at Christmas the story can seem so familiar that we fail to stop and really engage the most amazing event in the history of the world.  In this series Pastor Trevor will take a FRESH look at the Christmas story from the point of view of some of the participants in the original events that ushered in our Saviour's birth!  Come join us for a FRESH look into the Christmas story that is sure to get your heart, soul, and mind engaged and excited for the special day that we CELEBRATE... the birth of our Emmanuel!